20 April 2007

Socks! and Sweater?

I finished my socks! They're actually not as nice as I'd hoped, for some reason the beginning of the purl rows of the heel were really loose, and when I picked up stitches they pulled the loose edge and you can see my foot through a row of neat little holes. Hmmm. I'm hoping that changes with a run through the wash? I love the way first pair of hand-mades get softer and squishier and more comfy after every wash.

I also made some really great progress on my raglan, as well. I had a good chunk of time to kill tonight before a midnight movie with some friends (3 hours, to be exact) so I was able to stockinette my way to where the arms split from the body. However although the arms seem to be the perfect diameter, the armpits are, well, shall we say un peu too high. In other words, unless I'm after the "wooly-armpit" feeling, it will need to be ripped back. I think I'll continue the raglan increases on the body, but not the sleaves, because otherwise I'm afraid I'll have GIANT sleeves, and no one wants that.

I also had a serious problem while knitting this evening. As mentioned, I was killing some time before meeting friends on campus, so I got myself a comfy chair in the student center and decided I'd catch up on some podcasts. Note to Self: Laughing out loud while knitting will cause strange looks from others. Perhaps Lime & Violet is not the best knitting soundtrack for knitting in public...

I mean, really. The looks I got from people. You think they'd never seen a girl with a pile of yarn in her lap repeatedly measuring the distance from her neck to armpit while laughing out loud before. What is the world coming to?

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