23 May 2007

Non-Knitting Related

So I got almost zero knitting done today. I did, however, cross-stitch my little heart out. Regardez!

It's rather small, only 6.5 by 5.5 inches, and the colors in the photo are only as accurate as I could get them, which is to say not particularly. The pattern is a melding of several things, including a border I found on a sampler online, the heart motif is from "Charted Monograms for Cross Stitch and Needlepoint", a booklet printed in 1981; and the letters are a combination of the alphabets found in "Charted Classic Samplers, leaflet 161" from 1979 and "Welcome Dear Baby, by Cherly Hall" also from 1981. All three booklets were my mother's and contain some pretty useful things, so long as the colors are updated from their late-'70s, early-'80s vibe.

I used leftovers for all of it. The lavender is DMC color 316, the pink is 224, and the green will be doomed to remain nameless forever, as I have lost the tag, and there are about 800 different green embroidery floss colors in my Floss Tin.

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