12 May 2007

Spring Fling

Today has been a lovely, lovely day. I am officially done with my Sophomore year, and am back home (sort of). As I think I mentioned, my dad is getting married soon (three weeks), and so we just moved into his fiancée's house, not far from the house where I grew up. And so I am in a new house, with a new room, and new animals (she has two cats).

To make the transition easier on myself, I bought yarn. And in the past two days, I have gone from this:

to this:

I'm really trying to be good about making swatches, I swear. I usually make about half a swatch, but I almost never save them because I'm convinced that I'll run out of yarn. Always. No matter how much I bought.

to this:

and a close-up of the lace pattern:

It's going along swimingly. I'm really enjoying working with the Knitpicks Shine Sport. It's my first time working with cotton, and I'm finding this yarn to be very soft and nearly as stretchy as wool, thanks to the 40% Model. It sheds a little bit, but only while I'm working - the actual fabric does not seem to be shedding, which is good.

Also ridiculously fabulous - a new episode of Cast On today, and Brenda Dayne mentioned my name!! (hint: my name is not really Amelia) What an exciting day.

Coming soon: Thermal. I joined the KAL today, so I better get started.

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