25 May 2007

Sleeve woes

What is it about sleeves? Why are they so boring, no matter what?

I'm right on schedule with my Spring Fling - I finished the back last Thursday, and bound off the second front last night. That gives me one week (or less, preferably) to finish the sleeves. I've cast them both on at once, one right after the other, as everything I've ever read has told me to do. It makes perfect sense - when you finish, you have both sleeves done! No Second Sleeve Syndrome! Huzzah! But. I think of sleeves as being relatively small objects. I mean, like, my arm is much smaller than my torso, so no problem, right? Ahem. Sleeves are really wide. I guess I never really thought about how GIANT the circumference to my arm is. Two sleeves does not seem like a difficult thing. 148 stitches, however, seems like the biggest number of stitches in the whole world and I will never finish. Row after row of 2x2 ribbing. And as if it weren't bad enough, you finish a row and then you have to do the exact same row all over again!

On the other hand, I am working Thermal's sleeves one at a time. Remember how cocky I was after I finished that first sleeve? Oh, it went so fast and the pattern was so interesting and it was all so much fun... Right. I have, hmmm, about six rounds of the second sleeve done. Six. And it's taken me days. (Apparently I'm really into italics today...)

Also a major problem: I went to the library. And they had a book there. (I mean, they had lots of books there, but one in particular). It was Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Oh my. As if I weren't distracted enough.

More about that later. Now, dinner. Followed by more sleeves. Hoo Boy.

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